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'View Finders'

As I prepare for forthcoming projects this autumn - first a little catching up with some over the past year.

'View Finders' is a series of woven frames created by myself and my partner Monica Guilera as part of the outdoor sculpture project 'NATUR-lighed' celebrating the Romantic period landscaping of Reventlow Park on the island of Lolland, Denmark.

The project was curated and coordinated by Jette Mellgren and Jan Johansen and included the following participants: Spencer Jenkins (UK), Karin van der Molen (NL), Joan Farré Oliver & Carlos Fontales (Sp), Tim Johnson (UK) & Monica Guilera (Sp) and from Denmark Britt Smelvær, Palle Lindau & Anne Højstrup, Kristoffer & Mette Glyholt, Klaus Titze and Jan Johansen & Jette Mellgren.

Full gallery of our work here : 'Viewfinders' and more information on curator Jette Mellgren's blog: 'NATUR-lighed'.

View Finders

NATUR-lighed 15th May - 15th September, Reventlow Park, Lolland, Denmark

During the 18th century Reventlow Park was designed under the influence of the Romantic movement dictating what was understood as an ideal picturesque landscape. Referencing the history of landscape design, painting and photography this series of woven willow and timber structures provide alternative possibilities to framing the changing landscape through the hours of the day and seasons of the year.

The weaving technique of these pieces has been inspired by an agricultural tool traditionally used in the northern half of Spain, dragged behind a horse the roughly made fence like panel would break up the soil after ploughing.


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