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.....some of my favourite baskets are twined

Above: Openwork Pandanus basket by Rosie Bindal Bindal, Yilan near Maningrida, NT, Australia

Yes - some of my favourite baskets are twined - that is - woven with two or more weavers travelling along at the same time capturing stakes as they go and twisting around each other - there are lots of twining variations and for some reason they have always captured my attention. Perhaps because it was one of the first techniques I learnt many years ago with Mary Butcher, maybe because I have been lucky enough to join indigenous makers in Australia as they make or perhaps just because it is such a great way of joining stuff together.

I've gathered and been given some nice examples over the years and here is a selection photographed this evening on my workshop terrace. If you would like to learn some of these techniques why not join me at  Weaving by the Sea 2017

Above: Iringa basket in alternate pair and three strand twining, Tanzania.

Above: Chinese rush slippers - bought in Paris

Above: Openwork grass basket for collecting grasshoppers, Uganda. Thanks to Jette Mellgren & Jan Johansen who gave this to me during the Asante Sana project.

Above: Finely twined hat in Bear Grass and Maidenhair Fern, California. Hupa, Karok or Yurok peoples

Above: basket - perhaps California - Hupa, Karok or Yurok peoples

Above: Openwork grass glass holder - countered rows of twining with stakes lattice arranged

Above: beautiful basket from the Ye'kuana rainforest people of the Orinoco River region, Venezuela.

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