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Rush Twining and Fishtrap technique workshops - off to Denmark in January.....

Details are now confirmed for my next basketmaking workshop in Denmark at the award winning Odense Aftenskole next January. Hosted by our good friends Jan Johansen and Jette Mellgren I will be teaching Rush twining techniques while my partner Monica Guilera will be teaching Mediterranean Nansa Fishtrap technique. Booking through the Odense Aftenskole website.

Course details:

Twined Rush Basketmaking with Tim Johnson

17th and 18th January 2015

Twining is a large family of weaving techniques that can be found around the world in many cultures, with archaelogical evidence from at least 9300 BC it is also one of the most ancient. Tim Johnson has been practising and researching these techniques over several years and enjoys the wide variety of textures and patterns that can be created.

Working with Rush and other soft materials we will explore various twining techniques including alternate pair twining and the special patterns created by chasing and countering weaving pairs. Expect to make one or two baskets, mats or wall pieces.

Language of the course will be English.

Beginners and more advanced basketmakers welcome.

Mediterranean Nansa Fish Trap Technique with Mònica Guilera

17th and 18th January 2015

The Mediterranean is home to a beautiful and distinctive technique of weaving used by fishermen to make a variety of fishing baskets and traps. In Catalonia ‘Nansa’ fishtraps were made in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the kind of fish they wanted to catch, the traps were usually made in the winter with a very tough kind of rush (Juncus acutus) as well as split cane (Arundo donax) and olive stems.

In this workshop you will learn to make a ‘cofe’, a round basket that was used to place the fishing lines and hooks in preparation for line fishing.  This basket will give you a good grounding in this very special technique based on triangles and you will with willow in combination with a variety of colourful threads and strings.

Languages of the course will be English, Spanish or French.

Beginners and more advanced basketmakers welcome.

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