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hedging and ditching...

It's one of those busy weeks running from one workshop to another - so I pause for breath for a moment to tell you about a piece I've just delivered to the 'From Bare Stems' Exhibition curated by Hilary Burns for the Basketry and Beyond 2013 project and festival in May. I had a wonderful time going down to hang my piece in the show, attend the opening and see all the wonderful exhibits new and old, contemporary and traditional.

Wall text from the exhibition:

Hedging and Ditching, 2013

This new woven wall piece made especially for the ‘From Bare Stems’ exhibition combines natural and man-made materials and uses as its inspiration the shapes and forms of Devon’s celebrated hedgerows. The upright sticks of hedgerow trees and the rounded forms of stone faced banks gave Tim his starting point of combining rounded ‘willow bark crisps’, the patterns created by multiple rows of twining and the contrasting light and dark lines of split and shaved willow sticks . Bailer twine and Coir string are perhaps more familiar to the modern farmer and the fishermen of old than to the basketmaker and Tim is happy to include their distinctive colours and textures whilst referencing local rural industry.



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