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Green from the Get Go: International Contemporary Basketmakers at the Morris Museum, NJ, USA

Above: Tim Johnson 'keeping time' basket 2016, combed reedmace.

Opening this week is the exhibition Green from the Get Go: International Contemporary Basketmakers at the Morris Museum, Morristown, New Jersey, USA. I'm delighted to have several new baskets in the exhibition alongside works by some of the best contemporary basketmakers around the world including such luminaries as Ed Rossbach, John McQueen, Gyöngy Laky and Dorothy Gill Barnes from the US, Dail Behennah, Lizzie Farey and Chris Drury from the UK, Jane Balsgaard  and Birigit Birkkjaer from Denmark, Markku Kosonen from Finland and Hisako Sekijima and Noriko Takamiya from Japan. The exhibition runs from March 19th to June 26th 2016 and opening times can be found on the Morris Museum website.

Curated by Jane Milosch of the Office of the Under Secretary for History, Art and Culture, Smithsonian Institution, former curator of the Renwick Gallery, Smithsonian American Art Museum and Rhonda Brown and Tom Grotta of browngrotta arts the exhibition brings together makers work that reflects their close relationship with the natural world both as a source of materials and inspiration. The curators state:

"Throughout history, artists and craftspeople have been highly attuned to the beauty and resources of the natural world, whether depicting a pristine landscape, untouched by man, or harvesting plants and minerals for pigments and brushes. Sustainability is a natural part of their design and craft process. Green from the Get Go will include more than 70 works by artists from Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan, Scandinavia and the US, featuring innovators in the genre of 20th-century art basketry as well as emerging talents. These artists take their inspiration from nature and the history of basketry. Their work reveals a heightened sensitivity to the physicality of materials, one that honors the stewardship of nature by their choice and use of materials."

More information and a full list of makers can be found on the browngrotta arts website.

Above: Tim Johnson 'keeping time' basket 2016, reedmace.

Below: Tim Johnson 'keeping time' basket 2016, salt rush.

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