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'Cortines' project underway...

In March 2016 we started our two year project exploring the traditions and techniques of Cortines or fly screens in Catalonia. Conceived by Monica Guilera and myself as a public art project working in collaboration with a team of makers, students and artists we will work on creating a collection of contemporary curtains that will be exhibited outdoors in the doorways of Mas de Barberans during the summer of 2017.

The project is coordinated by the Museu de la Pauma in Mas de Barberans and sponsored by a host of public bodies - please see our dedicated web page for more details: Cortines: Dividing Spaces

During our first group sessions we looked at variety of natural and hand made objects with interesting and contrasting linear elements - this provided the starting point for painting and drawing experimentation. Over the coming months we will look at a variety of traditional and contemporary making techniques that will lead us on to our curtain designs.

During the project we will be identifying and harvesting local plant materials that can be used for a variety making techniques and collaborating with the members of the local palm weaving group Art Pauma.

Further information about the project may be found on the project website: Cortines: Dividing Spaces.

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