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Between Sea and Sky

Today I began my pieces for the 'Between Sea and Sky' project at  Stige Ø, Odense, Denmark. I came with an idea for a wandering fence that I could climb like a drawing on the sea & sky, however my idea is evolving quickly with the location, materials and timescale.

Today we have been experimenting with ladder forms, first with the dried flower stems of Tansy that is all around and then with the big Hazel that my good friend Jan has harvested for me a couple of weeks ago. We shall see where it goes tomorrow and how the stick works have survived the night and a little wind. I have been looking at ladders before and am curious of their possibilities and symbolism in the landscape. The location is beautiful, although land reclaimed from a refuse tip it has real character and overlooks an expanse of sea, reed beds and saltmarsh with a small fishing community nearby that provided inspiration for my jetty piece in Ryde last summer.

More tomorrow, best tim........   


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